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It is a common practice in rural India to abandon old cows after they cease to produce milk. Despite providing for the livelihood of their owners for the most part of their lives, these cows are left to starve and die, during their dry period. Join our campaign to save these sacred animals.

Ever wonder what happens to the cows in dairy farms and cowsheds once they’re old and stop giving milk? Most of the time they end up in illegal slaughterhouses and butchers’ shops where they are killed and turned into meat. This is an atrocity committed against these docile animals, once they stop being useful for the benefit of people.

At these Goshalas, cows are rescued and rehabilitated and provided with regular medical treatment from veterinary doctors.


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About Us

Venkatesh Foundation

The Venkatesh Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to conserving and protecting India’s rich biodiversity through various initiatives. Established in 2013, The Venkatesh Foundation’s major areas of operation include Protecting Cow, Women Empowerment, Empowering people, agriculture, community development and education.

The Venkatesh Foundation helps to uplift the rural people by empowering them to address the economic inequality with financial literacy. The Venkatesh Foundation is living to help and ease other people’s lives. Our foundation is doing great work to implement new changes in areas. Whether rural or urban, we want to create enthusiasm and awareness amongst the community’s people. The Venkatesh Foundation has worked in numerous areas for development and will work the same as always. Our goal is to protect cows, enhance financial literacy and work on the economic inequality of the country by empowering people and businesses.


Avail 50% tax exemption under Section 80G (5) (IV) of Income tax Act 1961