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Farmer Development

The farmer is the king. This is what we say and believe! Today, the farmer is the backbone of India. The Venkatesh Foundation has taken some concrete steps for the progress and overall development of the farmers. We have created a clear outline and started from the root and implemented in villages and the picture began to change. The work undertaken began to be successful.

Farmers started taking initiative to learn new things along with their traditional farming. They started looking for directions to increase their income. We are taking various camps to tell them how to start a new business with regular farming. We are convincing them that our farm produce can go not only to India but also to foreign markets. Since organic farming is the need of today and it has high demand, we started painting a picture of a prosperous future.

The Venkatesh Foundation not only showed the farmers their dreams but also introduced them to their unlimited possibilities. Day by day this is increased. Farmers started to connect to a new era. This work is ongoing well, never-ending but constantly changing. Earth’s debts will never be repaid, but the satisfaction that comes from such a service is the heart touching.

Venkatesh Foundation's Farmer Development Movement

Guidance camps for increasing agricultural income


Organic farming guide


Agricultural business guidance camps


Exports of agricultural commodities


Planting quality seeds


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