Who we are

The goal of the Venkatesh Foundation is to live for others, not just for ourselves. There is a need for empowerment in many areas around us today, in society and in the country. Contribute as much as you can. Want to accommodate others in this work

Our Work

Every work done by the Venkatesh Foundation is based on the five principles of public participation, technological support, design and construction of public interest initiatives, vision and transformation.


The various initiatives have been implemented in the Venkatesh Foundation which received a lot of media attention. The work started with a noble spirit of social service was supported by all the media.


What we do for you


We have always heard the saying, “Jaan hai to jahan hai”.! Even when the Corona Tribulation came,

Women empowerment

As we all see today, women are ahead in every field. The abilities of women are not limited to the sky.

Farmer Development

The farmer is the king. This is what we say and believe! Today, the farmer is the backbone of India.


Inspiration for all of us is the self. APJ Abdul Kalam always encouraged the students. He said, “Today’s students


Let's bring happiness in someone's life ...