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Goshala (Gopalan and Gosanvardhan)

In our Indian culture, a cow has the place of a mother. It is a matter of good fortune to grow cow like a birth mother. Today, many people want to serve, nurture, and worship cows, which is also fulfilled by the Venkatesh Foundation’s Goshala.

We have our Goshala in Balamatakali village at Shevgaon taluka of Ahmednagar district. It is not Goshala, It is home of Cow. Today there are hundreds of cows in the cowshed. There are trained doctors for their care. We take care of their water and food like a baby. Pure milk and dairy products are incredibly delicious. If you taste it, you will fall in love.

Problems also occur in rural areas. But overcoming that, Goseva is starting to find new solutions. There is still a plan to develop constructively and of course, with the cooperation of all of us, that dream will also come true. When you come in contact with these cows, all the grief seems to be lightened. These cows also have human struggles. They understand the language of touch.

Goshala by Venkatesh Foundation

Gopalan and gosanvardhan


Milk and dairy products






Adopted cow - rearing




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