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We have always heard the saying, “Jaan hai to Jahan hai”.! Even when the Corona catastrophe came, our country’s respected Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi also used the same word while addressing the nation.

No matter how many luxuries a person has, if he has a health problem, he does not feel at ease. That affliction haunts him every time. Considering the depth and need of the subject, the Venkatesh Foundation decided to do a lot in the field of health from the very beginning. Not only did they decide, but also they worked actively in that regard and this legacy continues.

Healthy is the real wealth. We have planned and implemented various activities in the field of health services so that everyone from the village level to the cities gets better health and their ailments are removed. The citizens responded to us and also gave us numerous blessings.

Health Movement of Venkatesh Foundation

Blood donation camp


Eye check-up camp


Health check-up camp


Women's health guidance camp


Hemorrhoids screening camp


Diabetes, blood pressure guidance


Doctors' honors and awards


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