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Educational Development

The inspiration for all of us is Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam who always encouraged the students. He said, “Today’s student is the future of tomorrow’s great India.” We fully embraced their thoughts and decided to continue in the same footsteps. The Venkatesh Foundation is working hard for the overall development of rural and urban students. Special efforts are being made to ensure that the education of any students does not stop even when their home conditions not well. That is why today many students are shining in different places in many fields. We carry out special activities to impart financial knowledge to children from an early age. Various competitions are organized to give scope to the artistic talents of the students. We strive to make students from all walks of life move forward, to make a name for family, community, and country. Indian rites are revered all over the world today.

They are glorified everywhere. The same rites are useful in shaping an ideal citizen. The Venkatesh Foundation has undertaken a noble cause of diamond faceting. Of course with the blessings and cooperation of all of you!

Educational Movement of Venkatesh Foundation

Ideal student savings bank


District level painting competition


Eloquence competition


Student merit


Competition- a ceremony to honor the successful students in the examination


Educational custody of orphans


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