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Pride Award

Encouragement gives strength to everyone. A pat on the back at the right time can make history in the years to come. There are a lot of people in society who do great work. The Venkatesh Foundation has always considered it its duty to pay homage to their work and to honor them with awards.

We are forever indebted to the society in which we live. Many personalities are striving to repay this social debt, for the betterment of society. They are changing society. New records are being set of absolute work in many fields such as social, educational, agriculture, sports, arts, literature. We salute such Mahavira for doing so.

Gaurav Award given by Venkatesh Foundation

Ideal farmer award


Ideal teacher award


Kridabhushan award for outstanding performance in sports


Gratitude award


Ideal journalist award


Social pride award for outstanding work in the social field


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